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Maria Paymans

An avid nature lover Maria excels when she’s playing outdoors whether it’s on her mountain bike, rock climbing, hiking, windsurfing or surfing. Her passion for nature and animals is what drives her and makes this beautiful life colourful. 

Maria has been practising yoga for five years. The benefits and incredible bliss she received from the practice inspired her to do her first teacher training so that she could share the beauty it brought to her life with others. She completed both her 200hr and 300hr teacher training under the guidance and mentorship of Catherine Wilkinson at The Wellness Connection, with a strong emphasis on spinal integrity, alignment and finding that balance unique to each individual so that they can flourish and bloom within their own capacity. 

“My classes are dynamic; I like a challenge practised with care and mindfulness. Strength building and alignment are always incorporated as it forms an integral part of the physical practice of yoga as we open up the body for the breath to move freely. Using strength, flexibility and breath to rid the body of any blockages and stickiness, bringing our awareness to those areas in the body we so often neglect and take for granted as we tap into that inner light, the source, to create space. That thing we all crave – space to be, to breathe, to grow. As creatures of habit, we love our comfort and routine, and yoga has allowed me to step out of that comfort zone, to question and laugh as I watch my mind and body respond to situations I’m not always “prepared” for. I find the mind’s responses fascinating, how we so often resist or react to situations purely on impulse. The physical practice reminds me that we are not our minds, to take a step back, observe, and let things flow without force or expectations.”

“The mat is the perfect place to see this dance between mind, body and breath, it is here where we find release, we let go, we empower and heal. No expectations, no checklist, no judgment, but a place to fully be present within yourself and practice with love and care.“