YogaWithin is situated in the beautiful Noordhoek Valley, surrounded by the tranquility of nature in the heart of the Garden Emporium.
The beautiful studio used to be an atrium and with vision was transformed into this space of light - surrounded by flowing water fountains, high ceilings, bamboo floors and floor-to-ceiling windows - all allowing for the perfect place to practice yoga and to connect to your own inner silence.

The vision is to create a feeling of community - a fellowship of caring humans coming together to share, to listen, to support; reflecting on today’s life matters through the ancient wisdom of yoga philosophy.

This is your space: an oasis where you can relax, take off your shoes, enjoy yourself and the art of living. Feel free, think big, think small. This is a place where people will be seen. Take your time and breathe. Seize the moment, use your key and open your heart. Laugh, cry, or be crazy if you like. This is your space.







Our Teachers

Anree Conarroe

Anree Conarroe

Anree has been practicing yoga and meditation since 1998.

Her journey of self-discovery and growing awareness of the subtle energies in and around the physical body started during a stay in a forest monastery in Thailand. Extensive travels through India, North America, Europe and South-east Asia exposed her to various aspects of the yoga philosophy and practices.

In 2002 Anree started practicing Vijñāna Yoga at Studio Asana in Amsterdam under Teresa Caldas, following the principles of Dona Holleman and Orit Sen-Gupta. Anree holds a Certified Teacher Training Certificate in Vinyāsa Yoga, as well as an Advanced Teacher Training Certificate. She is deeply inspired by her teachers such as Simon Borg-Olivier, Shimon Ben-Avi and Aditi M.Gaur, from the Himalayan Tradition.

Living in Noordhoek with her husband and three sons, Anree continues to take every opportunity to deepen her practice of yoga and meditation.

Leora Leibovitz

Leora Leibovitz

Leora stumbled into her first yoga class 20 years ago trying to recover from an injury while preparing for the 92 olympic games as a marathon runner on the Israeli team.

That class would mark the beginning of a transforming life journey. Through the profound and wise teaching of her teacher Shimon Ben-Avi Leora embarked on the journey which lead her to this little paradise at the end of the world called Noordhoek. Leora followed an athletic career throughout her life, completed her masters degree in physical science, and has travelled the world to study the yoga philosophy and the yogic way of life from some of today’s greatest teachers, among them Pattabi joice, Richard Freeman, Anna Forest, David Life and Sharon Gannon.

Through her studies and understanding, Leora feels that she has been able to shift her life and lifestyle allowing her to lead a more clear, focused, stress-free, love-filled life contributing to good health and passion for life. Her intention as a teacher is to share that positive outlook and sensation with as many as she can reach.

Gavin Robertson

Gavin Robertson

Gavin has a keen interest in the integration of western and eastern approaches to psychology.

He enjoys exploring the relationship between scientific research, particularly quantum theory, and the understanding of the universe from the perspective of yoga. In this way Gavin views the psyche as being the size of the universe, our internal journey reflected in our external reality. Through teaching yoga philosophy, he applies yoga concepts to the practicalities of integrating our internal world with our external experience. Gavin works within a yoga framework to discover and explore the path toward the truer Self in the journey of authenticity.

He is currently completing a Ph.D in Yoga Psychology.

Merna Wells

Merna Wells

Merna Wells began her yoga journey by doing acrobatics as a child and different forms of dance throughout her life. Growing up close to nature in Zimbabwe also contributed to her understanding of yoga. After doing a Master’s Degree in Literary Studies she began practicing Hatha Yoga until she graduated with a PhD in Comparative Literature. She then spent a year practicing intensively at Ananda Kutir Ashrama and reading Yoga philosophy.

She started doing Ashtanga Yoga 10 years ago, first with Leora Leibowitz and then by completing an Advanced Yoga Teaching Training with Shimon Ben Avi. Since then she has done several workshops and a retreat with Shimon and practices regularly with Leora. She continues to learn from these humble and gentle teachers and from other Ashtanga teachers, such as, Michael Hamilton. She has also practiced with teachers of different styles of yoga, including Iyengar, Kundalini and Synergy Yoga. Yoga practice represents for her the spiritual union of the love of physical movement, an experiential wisdom found beyond intellectual inquiry and the profound sense of connectedness with the silence and stillness of consciousness itself, that is often experienced in nature.

She reads, listen to and learns from spiritual teachers daily and has a special love for the teachings of Krishnamurti, Osho and Echarte Tolle.

Rita Pires

Rita Pires

Rita is known for her gentle and playful style of encouraging you to fearlessly navigate your edge and open your heart. Rita is a Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT-200) through The Shala school in Cape Town.

After embarking on a nomadic working lifestyle that has been taking her all over the world, the call to find a home again landed Rita in the mother city, Cape Town.

Vinyāsa Yoga has given her a remarkable opportunity to cultivate the specific tools and techniques she needs to live a healthy life, giving her the power to transcend regressive patterns and step into her true potential.

“The yoga practice is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and the people whose lives we touch.”

Sarah Miller

Sarah Miller

Sarah approaches yoga from a background in soccer, dance and gymnastics. She started practicing yoga in 2007 after getting tired of suffering from repeat injuries playing soccer. Sarah stuck with yoga due to the mental clarity she found from movement meditation.

Sarah’s classes traverse traditional and inspired poses fluidly using a “whole mat” approach where students marinate on internal anchors to navigate their experiences. Grounded in prana flow vinyasa yoga, Sarah tries to bring a gentle playfulness to her classes through intention, philosophy and breath. Sarah acknowledges with gratitude, love and light Shiva Rea, Jessica Lazar, and Shimon Ben Avi as her core teachers.

When not on her mat, you can find Sarah hiking, reading, and working in the public health field integrating movement and play into daily lives.

Hayley van Rooyen

Hayley van Rooyen

Hayley is passionate about yoga and the deep inner peace and serenity she finds through daily practice.

Coming from a background in ballet and having studied anatomy at university she has a fundamental understanding and awareness of the physical body.  Living in a spectacularly beautiful part of the world surrounded by nature inspires her and fills her soul. All of this manifests in Hayley’s classes which are quiet and gentle, with focus on attention to alignment, building strength, and grace of movement.  Philosophically, she continues to explore how using the wisdom of yoga provides support and the tools we require to help us navigate through daily life.

“So many people come to yoga for a good stretch, to recover from an injury or any number of other ‘body-centric’ reasons, but leave with so much more.”







Class Schedule

 1-23 December 2016

24-31 December 2016


Please note that we offer private lessons on request; contact







Coming Up


Yoga & Nature

Sunday, 4 December 2016

  • Join us for a beautiful Vinyasa Yoga Class to stretch and mobilise the joints and muscles and to set an intention.
  • Then we venture into nature to embrace the beauty and magic around us & feel alive!


Consciousness Workshop with Anree & Sanlia

Sunday, 5 February 2016

  • Learn the transformative power of shifting your attention to your own magnificence and the magnificence of those whom you love & care for.
  • Prepare and relax your body & mind to step into the vast spacious of awareness.
  • Join us for this Consciousness Workshop on Sunday, 5 February from 13:00 - 16:30
  • Booking essential on:


Sound Medicine & Chi Movements

With Kailash

  • Chi Movements, Sound Medicine & Sacred World Music - a Yoga of Song & Silence
  • Deep self enquiry on wings of Healing Soundscapes
  • Journey to Source within, after a practice of healing Chi Movements
  • A poetic dance of purification and rejuvenation!
  • Booking & EFT payment essential on:


Dharma Talks

Thursday evenings, from January 2017

  • Setting Intentions for real shift and renewal in your life for the new year of 2017!
  • How do we use the art of ‘reflection’ as a tool
  • Build a new, more supportive representation for a future you truly want
  • Shape and enhance your relationship with yourself and others…


Physio-Ball Yoga on Thursday evening

From January 2017 with Leora

  • This class will use stability balls to focus on strengthening muscles & joints and enhancing flexibility.
  • This will strengthen your core like no other practice!
  • Come join us for this invigorating, challenging and most of all fun class!


Wednesday evening Vinyasa

With Gavin Robertson

  • Join Gavin for an inspirational yoga session on Wednesday evenings
  • Open to drop-ins and class-cards holders


New class on Sundays

With Sarah

  • Join Sarah for a beautiful flowing Vinyasa class every Sunday morning
  • Open to class-card holders and drop-ins


Synergy-inspired Vinyasa

With Claudia

  • Join Claudia Wednesday mornings from 9:00-10:30
  • Mobilize your spine, move with grace & fluidity
  • Open to class-cards holders and drop-ins


Yin Restorative

Tuesdays 18:00-19:15

  • The practice of yin yoga trains us in the habit of slowing down, paying attention and listening.
  • Stretching deeply into the hips beyond their usual range, your mind will feel nourished and clear at the same time.
  • Join us for the really special experience, every Tuesday evening from 6-7:15pm.


Advanced TTC module 22-29 April 2017

with Shimon Ben Avi

  • This 7 day module will form part of the Advanced Teachers Training course with Shimon (overall adding up to 300 hours)
  • Open to teachers and experienced practitioners
  • Limited to 27 people only
  • Book now, to avoid disappointment



Every 1st Friday of the month

  • Join us as we share real-life issues with like-minded people
  • Coming together to share, to listen, to just be
  • This is a free evening
  • 18:00-19:00 - 1st Friday of every month
  • See you there!

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The YogaWithin Studio is in the Noordhoek Garden Emporium on the corner of Noordhoek Main Road and Katzenellenbogen Street.
Entrance to the YogaWithin Studio is through the Nursery or Pole Yard.
After hours, use the lower gate on Katzenellenbogen Road.

Noordhoek Garden Emporium, Noordhoek Main Road,
Corner Katzenellenbogen Street
Cape Town, Western Cape, 7979, South Africa

T: 082 929 4833

Noordhoek Garden Emporium

  • +27 (0) 82 929 4833
  • Noordhoek Main Road
    Corner Katzenellenbogen Street
    Cape Town, Western Cape, 7979, South Africa


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